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Posted by autisticdimensions on March 28, 2021 at 10:45 AM

 Autistic Dimensions

 Radical off~grid living, eco_friendly, being one with nature, and adventures on the road, regardless of the challenges of what is considered severely disabled,

We and others explored and made a life learning about environmental stewardship, solar energy, water harvesting, permaculture, bee-keeping, and social development looking outside of outdated and ineffective social norms that once confined those to a limited options and life... The Dolphin was considered a pioneer in forging a life on the often remote fringes of society...

We view life in terms of us all being branches of one tree. Individuals, but still part of a greater whole, even as we may be a mix of personalities, from diverse backgrounds, with different talents and strengths and even disabilities that all still contribute and share to a grander whole.

We have found a balance of both ages old holistic practices, going hand in hand, with technical advances, for what is ecologically sound for us, the environment, We practice growing our own food, building our own shelters, raising our own animals, making handmade soaps, remedies, and medicines... Having a working knowledge of how things work. Living consciously and holistically living life with respect and Oneness with the natural world around us...

We learned about organic living, and holistic naturopathic approach as we took back our health with alternative therapeutics and practices. A mix of blending both modern necessities balanced with practices of ages old wellness practices. we live in off-grid Hawaii, where we live on an organic farm on a remote Hawaiian Mountain off-grid eclectic community. We worked with Earthship homes, learned to grow our own food, learned other self-sustaining methods of living... Where we tackled the challenges of off-grid life with a physically challenged and medically fragile teenage daughter.... Where we met the challenges, overcame the obstacles and learned to live life on the radical edge. We learned to adapt to a remote and wilder terrain while we sought what accommodations needed to make life fully accessible while living openly and simply with a natural world that The Dolphin thrived in better than the sterile hospital like setting most felt The Dolphin belonged in, And we often found solutions and community that assisted in access that was both holistically sound for all.

We found a full life exploring our true selves, beyond what we were previously told it should be. Discovering that disability need not limit us, but is only a challenge we can fully overcome to live a more authentic life. We had cut ourselves away from a society that too often tried to unfairly label us and keep us in a limited box, where we were often defined by outdated perceptions of where individuals with moderate limitations and health issues on what we couldn't do, rather than what we can overcome. And we DID achieve a well rounded and aware life.

We continued to find avenues to achieve self-actualization, and find our place within an undefined community with others that were also trying to escape labels, to explore who we were, outside of the mass categorization of peoples by whatever status that dictates to the rest of society of what IS a "successful" life. We found others that are exploring options to a more conscious minded New Society. By finding like minded people and we explored how we can come together to build a better world, by facing the handicaps, or obstacles in our past, in our natures, and disconnecting from dysfunctional systems, that held us all back before, individually, and as a collective... To prove to others that there is still a better way... That both nature AND technology can find a harmonious footing together without sacrificing one for the other... But with finding a balanced middle ground...

We have cut the focus on being centered in life with the disabilities, and looked pats that towards broadening the mind, the spirit, and the whole being in relation to who we really are, others, and our place in the world that we want to live in respectful communion with... By getting in touch with nature, and thus ourselves. Looking for options to get out of our own way, and into find other solutions to the discord in society, and taking on proactive approaches to justice issues, facing the epidemic personal malaise, and taking responsibility for ourselves, rather than the going nowhere method of taking on the helpless victim mindset, playing the blame game, and limiting our dependency to a system that isn't working for society at large, much less the vulnerable that gets lost in a apathetic and often corrupt system.

No more reliance on broken promises, and living on other's terms... As we sought instead to take our power back, to do our part in finding another way to live more fully, authentically, respectfully, and harmoniously with each other, and with other species, and honoring our natural environment.

What methods that can be utilized, to reach our truer selves? meditation,, disconnecting from the pressures of society, gardening, mindfulness, balancing connecting with nature, debating philosophy. Bringing emotional balance with music, art, dance, even ages old tribal shamanic practices. For our malaise is often due to an ignored spiritual self that has been starved of attention. For within this consumer driven materialistic society, we feel we have been programed to adhere towards unrealistic expectations. So we rejected society's definition of what "success" means, apart from society's unfair standard model, When people are too many are unfulfilled, or never really truly evaluated who they really are, or their place beyond just being a cog in a system built on influence, social status, how much money one makes, in a dog eat dog life, instant gratification consumerism. resulting in a disconnect from nature, each other, and ourselves, beyond where we stand in value, by a troubled and highly dysfunctional system that is not sustainable as it stands today...

We evaluated our way of thinking, and to become more conscious about healing the world, before it is too late... To show others in society, that we CAN take back our lives, to a more meaningful and responsible choices, inclusive of many diverse people, and talents, and personalities that can still work together for a common goal... There is no real conversation in a polarized society... But in Hawaii, hardened veterans, and radical "hippie" youngsters, other social outcasts of varied former standings and social circles have come together in a remote and cut off terrain, where we have broken bread with scientists, doctors, that want to truly heal, and not be a drug pusher for a pharmaceutical company, educated intellectuals, sitting by a bonfire with runaways, who spoke of escaping tragic circumstances, combats veterans seeking solace from orchestrated wars, they could not reconcile with. To coming back to a society that they felt they no longer belonged in.. A whole mess of naive love and light peeps, that learned that the ideals they once stood by were far harder in practice..

We had support from others that helped get The Dolphin about in the rough terrain,.. A makeshift wheelchair that was put together custom made just for her, that many there had come together to create a solution to including her.

I witnessed veterans that were taken off toxic and dangerous psychotropic drugs that numbed them and were just a quick dismissal by a VA system that didn't care to address the complex issues of veterans that realized the hard way that the "playing hero" was a fruitless and inaccurate exploit into a war, where they suffered loss of friends for a government that lied to them, and had misused them. only to come back to their home, to a people that had gone on with their sheltered pampered lives that, as if no war was still taking place, A home they longed to return to, but could not fit back into, if they tried....

It WAS so great to see that when given the opportunity, we CAN meet in the middle to help each other... LOL, blond dreadlocked young man that insisted on a mix of "magic teas" that he insisted was safer and far better than the toxic mix psychotropic pharmaceuticals, prescribed to a veteran. A stunned doctor who was alarmed at the mix of prescribed "medicines" questioning who would responsibly prescribe such a hazardous mix? And runaways claiming they had been put on similar mix of medications, since their first run in foster care...

And the revelation that we ARE all being played against each other... And the the way we have apparently been categorized under, was easily manipulated to be outraged against the "insane OTHER" The whole social media feed is completely different from one grouping from another... "The Divide and Conquer" games was not without an algorithm that was SO set up to have one group become righteously outraged at their fellow americans... Division by memes.

 A volcanic eruption helped get people to look past their differences, that and come together, we saw how critical it was to have a true mixed community where we addressed the social crisis at hand.... Where we needed an arena where dialogues and the mindsets of where the opposing sides were really coming from.

And address the cultural programming and deliberate social manipulation thats is dividing us as a society, by deliberately pitting a group against another, in a self-righteous outrage as we are fighting each other, while the puppet masters are pulling our strings... We are all being played. And to the extent of how we are is not readily visible in our respective social circles... We ARE deliberately being set against each other by a system that IS manipulating the narrative fed to opposite sides of a struggling and confused public for their own objective...

Our community effort was centered around autistics' making their way in a remote and isolated social fringe... Autistic Dimensions. Community. an effort where we wanted more that what adult disabled daycare was the least negligent then the other. And we just wanted our loved ones not cooped up in a adult grade preschool setting. what did we have to lose really? if we failed there were the depressing collection of daycare centers to warehoused our now adult, no longer cute moderately autistic, Down Syndrome, CP, adult children had to choose from....

We were crazy to go SO remote. And off grid? We had to fly off island just to see a specialist... We were breaking ground, in a arena that many parents of severely disabled children feared to face.... Where will they fit in this world?

Well, apparently other diverse people were also feeling rejected by society and trying to escape a label, an outcome, and were just like us. trying to escape the roles being imposed on us all.

So while we will be centered on autism related issues, we have broadened the resources and social issues articles, affecting other "discarded" second class citizens... After all we wanted integration... And we discovered that we a damaged diverse people that ALL had baggage. All been isolated.

So this page and our efforts will not be centered on just a one issue service center. that's how we are kept separated. Veterans go to the VA. The developmentally disabled go to an adult day care center. Runaways end up in the streets... to fall prey to pimps and drugs... Hippies are always at a music festival. intellectuals are ostracized for not playing a pharmaceutical company;s drug pusher for the latest anxiety drug that will have all kinds of side effects, that includes death!! it was amazing how we had so much in common. And the same healing measures that helps one group is just as healing to another... Cannabis is known to be effective for autism and for seizures... And is also very effective in PTSD in veterans and aged out foster kids. in documented research...

Community means sharing. And even healing together. What works for one group, also is very likely to assist in another. Healing foods, supplemens, alternative therapeutics, naturopathic herbicinals,, issues with society... Anyone that isn't falling in as a perfect functioning cog in the system, faces rejection from "finding their place" Loneliness and isolation affects the autistic just as it does a veteran...

Our diverse community, our main Hive is in Hawaii. but the full spectrum access to therapeutics, natural remedies and holistic approaches are beneficial for many affected and troubled people from all kinds of ailments. Even if just to find balance in our hectic stressful lives... There are other communities that we have seen and met with that are also open to attending to the need that a diverse population desperately needs...

To take our health back. to take our power back. To get educated on what healther holistic efforts is available out there... That will treat US, the WHOLE person. And not just treat symptoms. Because the popping drugs and institutionalization is NOT working... We are ALL being discarded. The Parkland shooter was an adopted autistic boy who had just lost his mother three months prior. He was under therapeutic treatment. How did our system handle that? And our veterans? Already proven that the VA was largely responsible for the veteran suicide crisis. How many veterans killed themselves at the actual VA health facilities? We as a people can not depend on a system that has failed us all... That has discarded us all, the moment we are NO longer useful to them. Pharmaceutical companies are invested in continued consumers. not healing us. And doctors peddle their flavor of the month experimental drugs....

It's time we stop expecting the System to work for its citizens, And we step up and make a stand to RECREATE community. And WE take back our healing. Take back our power and REFUSE to be thrown away. And explore alternatives as a community... I am embarking on a HoneyComb Healing Center for Autistics... But the natural medicine and therapies, and is something that is beneficial for everyone really. Especially now...

The Gentle Hive and Hawaii Sanctuary in Hawaii is guided by a US Army veteran who also struggled with addiction and PTSD.. He is on a mission to help people find healing. ALL people. whether it is veteran. Or an autistic. Or those struggling with addictions. Or a youth in crisi. He knew we ALL need community. And support. And not the apathetic consumer driven, status oriented pill popping society, that judges us by whatever label is placed upon us. labels to demean us, to diminish us, to shame us,,,

But most of all to DIVIDE us.

And those locked into the narrative? They are only content for as long as that system is there for them. It's only a matter of time. Because what is being peddled is simply not sustainable, It is going to collapse. And when it does, we need those options out there that will give people the healing. The skills, The knowledge of what can ease us, the supports we need to bounce back.. We need to ALL be part of a community effort that is taking back its power and is creating options, and rebuilding community. Rebuilding society...

We need to stop waiting on the system to come through for us. Especially when it is clearly evident that it has been that same system that has caused and often orchestrated all the social malfunction, and the dysfunctions... Or in the least, monopolized off our pain and struggles... So while we had our autism efforts... First and foremost we came to Hawaii to try to be part of a community. Those hippie havens are usually very open.... ANd they usually make the best mix of cannabis concoctions that The Dolphins seizures instantly fades out. And of course her appetite increased. For a child that was once diagnosed "failure to thrive" and almost had a feeding tube put in, the increase in appetite was a huge extra... I have PTSD and anxiety... And I have also taken back my healing.

The yoga classes are inclusive. Your "Label" not required. Meditation classes, permaculture, a holistic approach to food as medicine, skills building classes.... A diverse mix of people... A conscious, "take back your healing" community... And that model is surfacing up everywhere... There is The AmataShip in Lyons, Colorado. If its autism, or you are a veteran suffering PTSD, or you even suffer issues due to abuses of our system... Trust me, you will not be viewed as crazy... You will be believed... You do not need to struggle alone. There are so many alternative efforts that are coming together... Because the only way we will make it through, is as a community... And aware and conscious community, that is serious about taking back your health, your well being, and not be stigmatized by an unfair label....

This IS a very long post. but i really had to put that information out there. We need to be more than one issue fighters. We help ourselves, coming together and helping each other... Sharing the information, resources, therapeutics, that is aimed at healing the WHOLE, and not just the symptoms... Most of all we need acceptance. and open mindedness. Because the truth of our "reality" is a lot stranger than most have been conditioned to think.... And our spiritual lives are a great part of what makes us WHOLE people. And that part of us has been ignored by society... But that area will bring a healing peace when we stop ignoring it. it's time to bring the spirit and mindfulness back into health, into our wholeness, into the education of our children...

Anyway this was a lot longer than i planned... Because although i started off with a focus on integrating the developmentally disabled into their communities... It ended up becoming much more than that... And every effort I am seeing cropping forward right now are not one issue, one symptom efforts... The medicine benefits us all. For the system as it stands, has failed their citizens... And they are never going to get it together. That falls on us... We as a community take our power back, and stop waiting on more broken promises... Its up to us...

Take back your power.

Take control of your Healing.

Rebuild healthy conscious communities...

















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