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The Future of AI and Neuroweapons and Synthetic Telepathy is Here

Leo Alexander Anglesleva Informational page on AI, Mind Control, Targeted issues...
A covert CIA programme started in the early 1950s, it expanded its remit to research everything from mind control to telepathy, ESP, psychic warfare and “remote viewing”.

Founded in 2019, Surveillance and Harassment Survivor's Alliance (SHSA) 
is a Missouri nonprofit corporation whose focus is assisting surveillance and harassment survivors with housing, finances, employment opportunities, networking, legal matters, and veterans programs...

Esoteric Studies for The Targeted. 

A lot of High Jacking of terms and labels from the Original Studies, from modern groups. 

But what is it exactly that people fear? Do we really know? 

Are all Illuminati the same? 

And the other lost and Forbidden Knowledge? 

What if that is just another derailment from people finding a Truth? Only one way to find out. Knowledge is Power. 

Danger Electromagnetic Torture

Our goal is to save human and animal targets from directed energy weapons. The effort through this page communicates about the potential problems associated with the relationship between electrons and protons in a biological system and how they can be affected by the relationship between protons and electrons that are outside of that system. The topics of needing a shielding technique, or a metering technique, and to find a needed path to freedom for those people and animals who are targets of a directed energy weapon will be addressed.

"That GangStalking Show"

A YouTube Channel on Gangstalking issues and Remedies...

Targeting ended for this TI in 2016

Coherent Madness:

Effective Defense Against Covert Warfare Blogspot and Books By Mukazo Vunda